A missing Sacramento couple was found Wednesday afternoon in Placer County.

Mark Schroeder, 55, and Janette DeGrace, 52, were found between Hell Hole Reservoir and French Meadow Dam, west of Lake Tahoe.

While sightseeing, the couple drove down a remote road that hadn't been plowed and got stuck in the snow.

Watch the couple detail their three days of survival, and how they stayed positive as the temperatures stayed freezing.

Rescue crews were searching in the wrong area.

Schroeder didn't have a cell phone charger, GPS or his credit cards with him, nor did he tell his family where he was going. For rescue crews, tracking down the couple was difficult.

The couple survived by turning their car on every 30 minutes for warmth. They melted snow into drinking water and rationed out peanuts and Girl Scout cookies. DeGrace has a medical condition that, rescuers say, would have killed her if they stayed stuck a day longer.

Jim Jungsten, a friend of Schroeder’s, told FOX40 that Schroeder hiked about six miles in two-foot deep snow to find cell phone reception. Jungsten said Schroeder and DeGrace survived three days in the snow.

Schroeder is being treated for minor frostbite. DeGrace, who stayed in the car while Schroeder looked for help, does not have frostbite.

Friends and family that thought they'd never see the couple again described seeing their friends as "surreal."

Schroeder and DeGrace had been missing since Monday.