A bill that tightens supervision of cosmetic medical treatments like Botox injections and laser skin procedures was signed into law by Governor Brown. 

There are already rules in place that require so-called Medi Spas have a medical doctor oversee treatment, but penalties were light and routinely violated, according to physicians who pushed for the law.

"Although there may be a doctor name attached to that facility, sometimes it's in name only. There's no one there no physician there who can jump in and help with the problem that occurs and it's happened quite a bit," said Dr. Suzanne Kilmer, a noted cosmetic physician who founded the Sacramento Laser and Skin Surgery Center.

Kilmer helped get the law passed, which would increase penalties to $50,000 for Medi Spas that violate medical rules and standards.  There are also sanctions for doctors who lend their name to Medi Spa businesses without consulting with or supervising the treatment of patients or performing procedures.

There is a possibility that the cost of laser skin treatments and Botox injections may go up, but consumers will benefit, according Kilmer.  Kilmer says she has treated patients who went through unsupervised treatments without having signs of skin cancer being detected.

"They can provide services at a greatly reduced cost, however it's a cost to the patient potentially in the long run, and we've seen a lot of those," said Kilmer.

There are patients who have to pay more to fix botched procedures and experience added pain because of it.  And sometimes the damage can't be reversed.

"Sometimes we can't actually completely fix it, we can't undo what was done," said Kilmer.

Medi Spas have become hugely popular spawning corporate franchise businesses that perform medical procedures.

Similar proposals were vetoed or were killed in committee over the years as an on-going battle developed between doctor groups and Medi Spa businesses which grown rapidly over the years.

But Kilmer says it's not about protecting doctor's turf, it's about patients who should be protected from procedures that in some circumstances should never be performed or should be performed under strict medical supervision.

The law takes effect on Jan. 1.  Kilmer says it's a good idea to consult a physician before you go to a Medi Spa for treatment.