It turns out, the Mayor of Sacramento is invited to New York after all.  Kevin Johnson is expected to join the arena talks when they resume Friday at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan during the NBA Board of Governors Meetings. 

That announcement was made by a Maloof spokesperson, and later confirmed by someone with the NBA following the first day of meetings.  However, as of Thursday night, there has been no confirmation that Mayor Johnson will be flying to the Big Apple.

On Thursday, the Maloofs made a 90-minute presentation to their fellow owners about their concerns with the current term-sheet for a new Sacramento arena.  Joining the Maloofs during their presentation were several of their lawyers and economists.

READ Mayor Johnson's response to the Maloofs by clicking here.

NBA Commissioner David Stern did not talk about Sacramento's arena battle on Thursday, but he is expected to discuss it in length during his afternoon press conference on Friday.

It is not known how long the Maloofs, the NBA and the Mayor will meet for.  "These are very successful, savvy business men and political leaders," said Maloof spokesperson Harvey Englander on Thursday evening.  "They know how to sit down and meet."