SACRAMENTO - "I can't explain. It's horrible. It's terrible. I can feel the terror amongst the people who are there. "

Komil Vora was born and raised in India.

The Sacramento State student has family and friends who live in Mumbai, none of whom he's been able to contact since the attacks.

With no word from home, Vora says it's been tough just getting through the day.

"Because I was continuously thinking about the attacks and my family and friends, so it was hard for me to concentrate on class."

Sacramento Travel Agency, Universal Travel,  has already received several calls from people concerned about their upcoming vacations to India.

Pete Patel says the Taj Majal Hotel, one of the targets of the attacks,  is a popular destination for Westerners.

"Traditionally, foreigners like to stay at the five star hotels as safe havens.. So this is a big question mark at this point."

Patel also has family in Mumbai.  They are all okay.

But for Komil Vora, not knowing if his family is alright is torture.

"This is a night which can never be forgotten by any of the Mumbains... any of the Mumbains, even any of the Indians."