When dentist David Lewis was forced to shut down his Sacramento office amidst allegations of performing unecessary operations on nearly 20 patients, he also left Alexis Ramos worrying.

Ramos is not a former patient of Lewis, but rather an student who was interning at the dental practice. Now, he doesn't know if he'll be able to graduate San Jaun High School with out the internship's credits.

He also tells FOX40 the staff lied about why Lewis' business closed its doors.

"They told me that he (Lewis) was sick and that he would be in the hospital for a while," Ramos said.

The California Dental Board has revoked Lewis' license after being charged with performing root canals that weren't needed.

The case also brings back the issue of getting a second opinion, something Ken Hajek knows all about.

The dentist opened up Second Opinion Dental, because in part he felt some dentists these days are more salesmen than doctors.

"It used to be the dentist owned the business, which in cases is still true, but you also have dentists who are working for company's and investors and they are more concered with the making money they giving the appropriate dignosis," said Hajek.

Second Opinon Dental is based in Carmichael and does not perform operations, it only give the second opinion.

Another hearing in Lewis' case will take place on March 15.