A woman claims Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins sent her an inappropriate photo.

She reportedly had a brief texting encounter with Cousins, in which the Kings player allegedly sent her a few pictures of himself. Monroe sent the photos to an online basketball fan site, Balljunkie.com, they included a photo that she says is from Cousins and shows his genitals.

The woman, identified by several online sites as Asia Monroe, is a self-proclaimed model/dancer.

Cousins’ agent, John Greig, released the following statement Wednesday afternoon, "Rest assured that DeMarcus Cousins has not sent any nude photos to any woman at any time.  Allegations that he has and internet websites that are reporting such are erroneous. These websites should take the images claiming to be DeMarcus down and apologize. It is a sad reflection of where our culture is that someone can send and post these type of things without any accountability."