Photo: 500+ Gallon Tank in Van

West Sacramento Police say 2 men had more than 500 gallons of diesel gas inside a white van. The men later led investigators to a warehouse where they had another 1,700+ gallons of fuel and other empty tanks.

The arrest of two suspects in the theft of 500 gallons of diesel fuel at the Norcal Beverage fueling station on Saturday led police to search a business on Galveston Street in West Sacramento and the recovery of $10,000 worth of fuel, which is about 2,300 gallons.

18-year-old J-Uan Parker of Sacramento and 19-year-old Raynard Dotes, Jr. of Sacramento were arrested and booked into the Yolo County Jail on charges of burglary and grand theft. Both have since been release on bail.

The two were seen at the pumping station in a white van. When officers stopped them, they found two 150 gallon plastic tanks in the vehicle, hoses and an electric pump.

They lead investigators to the business in the 600 block of Galveston street where 4 or 5 containers, similar to the one in the van, were found.  They were filled with diesel.

More than a half-dozen empty containers were also found. Investigators say when they're done, they could be shutting down a significant fuel theft ring.

Jim Bundy, who owns a business on Galveston Street, says the theft of diesel is becoming common.  "They've stolen diesel from me and the guy across the street," said Bundy.

No arrests were made in the theft at that location, but detectives are still investigating the case.  Norcal employees were told to be on the look out after 3,500 gallons of diesel were stole a few weeks earlier worth $12,000.