Lee Eddins, 12, was diagnosed with leukemia last February.

A bone marrow match was found, but soon after rejected by Lee's body. Lots of pain and anguish. But Lee had a wish, to be granted byMake-A-Wish Friday, and that was to meet his idol, Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert.

“Just a sad loss to our family right now," Lee’s cousin and guardian, Victor Baker said.

Sadly, that wish, was never fulfilled. Lee's brave battle with leukemia ended Thursday morning.

“Through all that he went through, you never seen him cry. He just endured everything he had to go through,” Baker said.

Lee's story is a loving one. The 12-year-old taken in, cared for and loved by Baker and Baker's wife.

“Lee and I bonded. I was the one who actually given the challenge and the task, because I enjoyed taking care of him, taking him to his doctor’s appointments and everything,” Baker said.

And despite Lee's hardships of indescribable pain...

“We shared laughs and crisis when he got real sick, stomach pains from the chemo therapy and everything,” Baker said.

Lee was the kind of kid who never thought of himself, but instead yearned to help others.

“One was to feed the homeless," Baker said.

That kind of selflessness is a testament to Lee, whose story doesn't end here. The family's hope is that more bone marrow donors will continue to grow, because only 66 percent of African-Americans find a match.

Although he had only 12 years here with those he loved, Lee's legacy will never die.

“Lee was a prayerful young man. He loved the Lord. He loved family. He loved friends," Baker added.