Still shaken after pouring their emotions into Sunday's game, 49er fans were hard to find inside Sacramento area sports bars Monday night. But one of the businesses feeling the sting more than most is Sports Fever, a chain of souvenir stores.

"Just sick to my stomach, thinking about the team losing, and how much sales we lost," said company owner Duane Adams in a Monday afternoon conversation with FOX40.

If the 49ers had won Sunday night, Adams would have driven to a warehouse in the Bay Area and picked up boxes packed with NFC Championship gear. The merchandise would have been in stores by Monday afternoon. The potential profits are painful to think about.

"Our nine Northern California stores... It would probably be close to a million-and-a-half, two million dollars of sales," Adams estimated. "And that's based on the San Francisco Giants World Series from two years ago.

But while the 49ers have to wait until next year for another chance at glory, Adams takes comfort in the hope that a California basketball, hockey or baseball team can do for Sports Fever what the Niners could not.

FOX40 also visited Bisla's Sports Bar in Sacramento Monday night, where we asked bartender Tim Harris if he had any advice for depressed fans. He, too, turns an optimistic eye toward the region's other professional teams. "We've got the hockey game going right now; San Francisco Giants will be starting up soon for spring and the Kings are still trucking away in their season."

And based on the green and gold that runs through my veins, this reporter must add, "Let's go A's!"

Spring training starts in less than a month.