"It's time to get out there and make something happen. This is the city of Sacramento. The place where people can get help. Get out and make a difference," said Pastor Sherwood Carthen, Pastor of Bayside of South Sacramento.

Carthen and a coalition of other religious leaders in Sacramento have joined with City Hall to launch what they are calling the "Season of Service." They want citizens to find a charitable organization that needs help, and give their time; Lots of time.

"Why not kick the year off, with the goal of all of us working together to get over 3 million hours so that we can be one of the ten most caring cities in the country," said Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Community leaders figure congregations- people of faith- from churches, synagogues, and mosques around Sacramento, are a good place to find those hours.

Thousands turned-out to hear the call tonight at the Capital Christian Center.  They were reminded of Martin Luther King, asked to honor him, by helping out.

"Celebrate his life, his legacy. But then also turn to the community and serve the community in a brand new way; loving on folks and doing project, if for no other reason, than we care about our community," Carthen said.

Some of the projects will have volunteers renovating schools, finding food and manpower to keep food banks running, and helping the Salvation Army meet its goals.

But religious leaders spearheading this effort say they are still looking for people and places in need, and ways they can help.