Anxious to get out and enjoy the summer sun, take some advice from the professional bicyclists tearing up the streets of downtown Lodi - they say to avoid heat stroke in triple digits - you need to learn a new catchphrase.

"Pre-hydrate. So, you end up drinking lats of water the night before," says Damian Gonzalez, organizer of the 2nd Annual Lodi Cycle Fest.

The races at the Lodi Cycle Fest last 75 minutes in the scorching San Joaquin County sun. Racers say it's all about how much water they drink. "You know, I have two waterbottles on my bike, I'll bring an extra one... a third in my pocket," says Ken Hanson of Team Type One.

Hanson say pre-race he drinks six or seven liters of water. He says when he doesn't prep for the heat, he gets in trouble quick. "On more than one occassion, I've had a minor heatstroke, where I got really dehydrated and wasn't able to finish the race."

Ken says for him the edge between hydrated and dangerously dehydrated is razor thin, "For me when it happened, it was less than five minutes of time where I felt fine and then I didn't."