The search continues for Jacob Adams, 6.

The search continues for Jacob Adams, 6. (KTLA-TV)

YOSEMITE, Calif. (KTLA) -- National Parks Service search-and-rescue crews say they have recovered the body of 6-year-old Jacob Adams who disappeared along with his brother in the Merced River in Yosemite.

The child's body was found not far from where swift currents caught and carried away the boy and his brother last week.

Jacob and his 10-year-old brother were wading in the Merced River last week when both were suddenly swept downstream.

His older half-brother, Andrew, was found dead later the same day.

The boys were on a family camping trip organized through the Calvary Chapel East Anaheim.

The group began their hike at the Happy Isles Trailhead and stopped near the footbridge about 3 p.m. to cool off in the river, Gediman said.

At some point, the boys were caught in the current and swept downstream.

Andrew was pulled out about 150 feet downriver and, despite resuscitation efforts by another park visitor and rangers, was pronounced dead, Gediman said.

Neighbors told KTLA that Char Adams, the mother to Jacob and step-mother to Andrew, was injured on the rocks trying to save her boys.

Brent Foster, a journalism professor at Cal State Fullerton, says his 12-year-old son was hiking down the trail and witnessed the tragedy first hand.

Foster's son says he watched the rescuers, most of whom were passersby, pull the mother out of the water. She then yelled for her children, which prompted the men to search through the water for her sons.

Merced's current remains surprisingly strong, Gediman said.

"Horrible. Horrible. Horrible situation," Gediman said, his voice trailing off. "These situations are always difficult, but because they're boys..."

A 57-year-old man drowned two weeks ago in the Merced River when he was pinned under a rock.

Another person died in June on the South Fork of the river near the Wawona area on the south end of the park.