Trend: Duct Tape Prom Dresses

Prom season is coming up and searches are off the charts this week for Duct Tape Prom Dress. The makers of duct tape have launched their contest called Stuck at Prom. Couples are decked out in elaborate dresses, fancy tuxedos and matching accessories. And there's a good reason to go all out: The top winners get $3,000 in scholarship money.

Trend: Sketch-A-Search

If you're out and you want to find a restaurant, you can go to your cellphone and type in a search. But soon, you'll be able to sketch-a-search. We have a preview of a new iPhone App launching next week that lets you draw instead of type with your finger. You just tap on a map, then with your finger...draw a line or a shape. And voila...all the restaurants in that area pop up.

Trend: Armageddon

People are really on edge after all the big earthquakes and the recent one in LA. Searches in LA for earthquake preparedness are up 500%. And some people are worried the apocalypse is coming.

We've seen searches for:

2012 doomsday prophecy
7 Signs of the apocalypse
And end of the world earthquakes