RIALTO, Calif. -- A self-proclaimed white supremacist is running for a seat on a Southern California school board.

Dan Schruender, who is currently a representative for the California chapter of Aryan Nations and formerly president of the organization, filed nomination papers last week to run for one of two open seats on the Rialto Unified School District board.

Schruender announced his candidacy on an Aryan Nations blog. He has said that he is not backed by the group and that he won't allow his white supremacist beliefs to affect his decisions if he is elected.

Some of Schruender's neighbors say they'd vote for him despite his controversial views. Louis Decola told KTLA that "Dan's a good teacher." "Different views are what makes the world go round," Decola said.

Other neighbors in the community strongly objected to Schruender's candidacy and say they think it's insane for a "Nazi" to be on the school board.

The 27,500-student Rialto school district is nearly 76 percent Hispanic and nearly 16 percent black.

Matt Lighner worries about the influence Schruender would have on the children. "It's opening up the wrong thoughts in our youths' minds. If he's going to be in control, he can't be putting his negative thoughts in their minds," he told KTLA.

Schruender will be vying for one of the open school board seats against incumbents Joanne Gilbert and John Kazalunas, who are seeking re-election.

Kazlunas has said that she thinks anyone who votes for Schruender would have to be "crazy" and "backward."

Schruender admits to having delivered racist fliers using epithets to describe blacks and Latinos to Rialto neighborhoods, as well as invitations to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Schruender , a retired high school teacher, has stated he wants to overhaul a curriculum that has been "dumbed down" by the state.