WILMINGTON, North Carolina -- A North Carolina woman says U.S. Airways has some explaining to do, after they lost track of her brother, who has special needs.

Kristy Wilson was reunited with her brother, Victor, after she says the airline lost him.

Victor is physically and mentally disabled.

He was supposed to arrive on a Christmas weekend flight. His luggage made it, but he did not.

Kristy Wilson says that, for almost two hours, she pleaded with U.S. Airways workers to help her locate her brother, but they were not helpful.

"They didn't want anything to do with me or listen to what I had to say, so I got a little upset, and told them that my brother is physically and mentally handicapped, and could they help me, and they says well can't you call his cell phone and I said no, he doesn't know how to use one."

Wilson says airline officials did not believe the two were related, so they refused to help.

Her father eventually made some calls and tracked her brother down, according to Wilson.

Victor was at a gate at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, where he missed his connecting flight.

"Anybody could have hurt him," Wilson said. "He can't defend himself."

Wilson says she wants an explanation.

"I really want to know as to why my brother, my father and I were treated the way that we were."

A U.S. Airways spokesperson says that, as soon as the airline was made aware of the problem, they reunited the brother and sister.

The spokesperson would not issue an apology, but said the airline is looking into the matter.