WESTWOOD -- Two UCLA students arrested in connection with a fight and stabbing at an off-campus fraternity party have been released from custody.

School officials said Monday that 19-year-olds Justin Kim and Chris Yi were released after the district attorney's office declined to file charges.

A third student, Isaiah Hee Cho, 19, has been charged by prosecutors with being an accessory to aggravated mayhem and an added gang enhancement.

Four non-students were arrested as well.

They were identified as Federico Fernandez, 22, of Huntington Beach; Phi Quoc Le, 20, of Huntington Beach; Dan Su Pham, 19, of Covina; and Don Thammavongsa, 19, of Westminster.

The men were arrested after a fight broke out in the early morning hours of Sept. 22 at a crowded party at an apartment complex in the 600 block of Midvale Avenue.

The party was being hosted by some members of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Officers responding to a call about an assault with a deadly weapon found one student stabbed in the abdomen and another stabbed in the arm, police said.

A third student had been hit over the head with a bottle. The student stabbed in the abdomen required surgery.

Cho is a third-year student majoring in pre-microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics; Yi is a second-year student majoring in biology; and Kim is a second-year student majoring in pre-business economics.

All the suspects, including the students, appeared to have been "uninvited guests" who were asked to leave, according to Jeff Young, UCLA's assistant police chief.

Hampton said that for privacy reasons the university could not reveal what, if any, action would be taken against specific students involved in the incident.

But the university "takes a strong stand against behavior and actions that are detrimental to the institution," Hampton said.

"There are a range of options available to the university," he said, "and they are being looked at right now." University officials were keen to allay any fears about violent crime on or near the campus.

"We think we have a very safe campus considering that the institution is located in a very dense, urban environment. Incidents such as these are very rare," Hampton said.

Robert Naples, UCLA associate vice chancellor and dean of students, said the university is prepared to take all appropriate actions regarding the arrested students.

He said the fraternity, already on suspension for a previous incident of fighting, is being investigated for additional violations of policies governing campus groups, including alcohol being consumed at parties.

"UCLA takes a very strong stand against those groups that violate policies intended to keep the campus community safe and those individuals charged with serious crimes that reflect poorly on the institution," Naples said.