SANTA ANA -- Two teenage gang members were arrested in connection with the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy near Santa Ana High School, police said today.

Rodrigo Valle of Santa Ana was shot in the chest around 3 p.m. Wednesday
at Flower and Walnut streets after he refused to respond to the gang question,
"Where are you from?" according to Santa Ana police Cpl. Jose Gonzalez.

An 18-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were arrested in connection with the killing, Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters told KTLA.

Both the suspects and the victim were gang members, Walters said. "They were all gang members and unfortunately that's how the gangs settle their disputes... violent confrontations between each other. Sometimes they turn deadly, which happened in this case."

Valle was with a group of people when some other youths approached and asked about their gang affiliation. Witnesses told police that no answer was given, and someone started shooting.