Jordan Romero

Jordan Romero (Family Photo)

LOS ANGELES -- Mt. Everest is 8,000 miles away from Los Angeles and 29,000 feet higher.

Tuesday, 13 year old Jordan Romero is making that long and dangerous journey to conquer world's highest peak.

If he succeeds he will become the youngest person in history to climb Mt. Everest.

If he fails, the mountain could claim his life as it's done to 200 other mountaineers.

The teenager from Big Bear Lake does have experience on his side.

He is a top level mountain climber who's scaled five of the world's highest peaks including Mt. McKinley.

Mt. Everest is especially dangerous.

The weather can change in a split second from clear skies to hurricane force winds and minus 100 degree temperatures.

The extreme cold, lack of oxygen, falls, exhaustion and avalanches have killed hundreds of climbers. Many of their bodies...120 to be exact... remain frozen beside the trail.

The cost of climbing Mt. Everest is prohibitive. Romero's climb with his father and father's girlfriend will cost more than $150,000.

There is also the time involved. Romero's adventure will take no less than two months to complete.

And once he has left Nepal to scale Everest, his only contact with the outside world will be through a GPS.

The current record holder for the youngest person to climb the peak is Temba Tsheri of Nepal. He was 16 years old.

Claiming that record came with a high price. He lost five fingers during his ascent due to frostbite.

That's a fact that no doubt weighs heavily not only on Romero, but also his family.

His mother, Leigh Anne Drake, said, "From the second he leaves my arms until he's back, it's like I can't breathe and I can't cry.

But at the same time, I'm so overjoyed that's he's getting the chance to do and see all of these amazing things."