CHICAGO -- The family of a teenager from the Chicago suburbs is grieving over his death following root canal surgery.

In late January, 17-year-old Christopher Schutzias lost a filling while eating caramel candy.

On February 1st he went, by himself, to Dental Dreams in Blue Island to get it replaced.

The dentist wound up doing a root canal, without parental permission.

On Tuesday night, Schutzias was rushed to the hospital with body aches and a severe sore throat- more severe than the flu like symptoms he had for days.

He died Wednesday morning from sepsis shock- a toxic blood infection.

Schultzias lived with his younger brother and sister in a foster home. He was a senior at Eisenhower High School.

He wanted to be a mechanic when he graduated in May.

Medical experts say a direct link between a root canal and death is extremely rare.

Schutzius' family says they believe the root canal procedure was unnecessary.

Dental Dreams released a statement saying "We were shocked to hear this news and express our deepest condolences to the family. We are conducting a thorough review of his treatment and we'll provide further details as they become available to us."

The State Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation investigates medical procedures that have outcomes like this although it's unclear if this will be one of those cases.