SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. (KTLA) -- Residents of at least three Sherman Oaks homes awoke Wednesday to find swastikas scrawled on their property.

The predominantly Jewish neighborhood was vandalized with the German hate symbols in the pre-dawn or early morning hours according to police, suggesting that the vandalism could have occurred in broad daylight.

The homes where the swastikas were found were on Leghorn Avenue, and residents there reported them to area police.

The LAPD sent a supervising detective to talk to residents, to take photographs, and to take a crime report.

Area resident Jennifer Niman was shocked and disturbed by the presence of the symbols, including a swastika painted on her mailbox. "This is not something you want to walk out and see in Sherman Oaks," Niman said. "It's like Germany 1938."

For Niman, the hate crimes hit too close to home. Niman said her grandparents were slaughtered in the Holocaust during World War II.

Anyone with any information about the vandalism is asked to contact the LAPD's Van Nuys division.