Gayle Anderson was live in Burbank for "SURPRISE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS". Today's segment highlights cheap and easy Christmas decorations courtesy of Holly Cleeland of the LAWN CHEERS company. Ms. Cleeland has created a toy soldier, angel, Christmas tree and holiday-themed suckers that you can make with a quick trip to your local hardware and arts & crafts supply stores.

5 tan plastic planter pots (12 in. diameter by 11 in. Tall)
8 plastic cups (16 oz.)
foam core 1/4 in. thick (8 in. by 21 in.)
6 pieces (2 in. x 6 in.) foam core 1/4 in. thick
rolls of duct tape- black (2), yellow (2), red (2), white (2), hot pink & brown
clear packaging tape

1. Cover the plastic planter pots with the duct tape: 1 black, 1 red, 1 white, 1 top half black & bottom half white, 1 covered only the backside with brown (for hair) with a black band around the top rim.

2. Cover 6 of the cups with red duct tape and 2 covered half red & half white. Place a 2 " band of yellow tape between the red & white bands for the "cuff". Attach the cups together by taping the top rims together with clear tape, so that you have two red cups together and one red cup and one half white cup together. Secure the arms with clear tape, making sure to keep the white halves at the bottom. You should have four cups per arm.

3. Cover the large foam core board with yellow tape. Using an exacto knife, cut out V-shaped triangles from the 2 in. x 6 in. pieces. Wrap with yellow tape and repeat to create the applets for the collar. Secure the applets to the edges of the foam core using yellow duct tape, so that you have 5 applets per side and an open space in the front of the "collar".

4. Before you assemble the toy soldier, cut out the pieces for the face. Cut 3 (1 in.) circles from the black duct tape, a black open circle (1.25 in.) for the nose, 2 (2.5 in.) circles out of the pink duct tape and a 7 in. mustache out of the brown tape. Making sure that the plastic pot is right-side up, attach these to the tan-side to create a face.

5. Assemble your toy soldier. The black & white plastic planter pot should be at the bottom, rim facing down so that the black is the shoes. Next, place the white plastic pot right side up. Place the red planter on top of this, rims touching. Stack the collar and the face. Finally, place the black "hat" on top, rims touching.

6. Attach the arms to the collar using clear packing tape.

7. To decorate, create a "V" shape on the black hat, using yellow duct tape. Create an "X" shape with the yellow tape on the red planter and wrap a yellow waist band.