OAKLAND, Calif. -- A Southwest Airlines plane bound for Burbank was struck by lightning during Wednedsay's stormy weather that swept acros Southern California.

Flight 2197 was struck by lightning shortly after taking off from Oakland International Airport around 6:30 p.m.

The plane, which was carrying 53 passengers, safely returned to the airport, according to Airline spokeswoman Marilee McInnis.

All passengers were booked on the next flight.

The plane passed its safety inspection and was expected to return to service later Wednesday.

Lightning Safety Tips

McInnis said lightning strikes aren't unusual and planes are built to withstand such a jolt.

An Air France jet on its way to Paris with 228 people onboard disappeared after flying into an extremely dangerous band of storms Sunday.

Authorities believe the plane broke apart either above the Atlantic, or once it hit the water. All on board were presumed dead.

An investigation was underway to determine what caused its electrical systems and cabin presure to fail.