COSTA RICA - Sloths are generally thought to be slow creatures. But one limelight-loving sloth wasted no time when it dropped in on a group of tourists taking a holiday photo in Costa Rica.

The camera-crazy creature managed to plant its mug directly in the students' shot as it hung upside down from a tree.

Photographer and guide Manuel Ramirez was snapping the visitors, who were taking part in an International Student Volunteers expedition.

In an uncharacteristically well-timed move for the animal used to living life in the slow lane, the sloth made an unscheduled appearance, and Manuel and the mammal found themselves staring face-to-lens.

Ramirez said, "As I looked through the camera lens I could see something creeping in to the frame."

"When I realized it was a baby sloth, I clicked the shutter as fast as I could. Not that he was going anywhere very fast."