SANTA ANA - An Afghan man, on the Orange County District Attorney's 10 Most Wanted list, was sentenced Friday to 40 years to life in prison plus 21 years for sexually assaulting two women and attempting to sexually assault a third.

Ali Achekzai, 32, an Afghan national who formerly lived in Ladera Ranch, was accused of two rapes in 2002 and 2004 in Tustin and San Diego.

Achekzai was also accused of fondling a 24-year-old woman and removing her pants during a limousine ride from Laguna Beach to Costa Mesa after a night of drinking at a nightclub in 2002 as her friend slept.

But Achekzai fled the country before being charged for the rapes.

He changed his name several times and is suspected of living at various times in Afghanistan, Germany, San Francisco, Canada, Austria and England, authorities said.

But after a five year international manhunt, Achekzai's DNA popped up in Austria where he was accused of rape.

Achekzai was extradited back to the US to face charges in 2010 and was convicted on all charges in December.

On Oct. 26, 2002, Achekzai allegedly got into a limousine with four other people who had been at a nightclub in Laguna Beach and removed a 24-year-old woman's pants and assaulted her after she fell asleep. He was fondling her breasts when she woke up, according to prosecutors.

On Jan. 31, 2004, Achekzai allegedly met another woman at a nightclub in Laguna Beach, followed her as she drove to Tustin, and got into her car when she parked at a fast-food restaurant. She attempted to run away, but he allegedly dragged her back to the car and raped her.

On May 3, 2004, Achekzai allegedly met a 21-year-old woman at a nightclub in San Diego and took her for a walk through a park, during which he punched her, held her down and raped her in the bushes. He allegedly told her he would kill her if she told anyone, and when she told her friend, he allegedly punched her in the face, knocking out her front tooth. He said there may be other victims, and publicity over Achekzai's may prompt them to come forward.