Seal Beach salon shooting victims

Top row, from left to right: Victoria Ann Buzzo, 54, Randy Lee Fannin, 62, Christy Lynn Wilson, 47, Lucia Bernice Kondas, 65. Bottom row, from left to right: Laura Lee Elody, 46, Michelle Marie Fournier, 48, David Cauoette, 64, Michele Daschbach Fast, 46. (DMV photos)

SEAL BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- The only surviving victim of Wednesday's mass shooting at a salon in Seal Beach has been released from the hospital, a police spokesman said Monday.

Harriet Stretz, 73, was visiting her daughter, who worked at the salon, when the shooting occurred. Her condition was upgraded Sunday from stable to fair. Her daughter did not survive.

Grace Community Church in Seal Beach set aside time during its normal Sunday services to remember the eight victims who died in the brutal shooting rampage at Salon Meritage.

The scene was one of many services and events held Sunday in the city to honor the victims.

Vons announced they will be matching all customer donations made to the victims fund (up to $25,000) over the weekend at their Seal Beach and Los Alamitos locations. As of 9 p.m. Sunday, over $32,500 was raised.

None of the victims in Wednesday's shooting rampage were armed. None were prepared to defend themselves against Scott Dekraai, who allegedly came into Salon Meritage armed with three guns and wearing body armor.

Some of the victims had connections to the Dekraai, 41. Others did not. Most were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Michelle Fournier was Scott Dekraai's ex-wife and police believe she was the main target in his murderous rampage.

She also made no secret about the fact that she was afraid of her ex-husband.

The two were locked in an ugly custody battle over their 8-year-old son. That custody battle may have been Dekraai's motive in the rampage, police officials say.

Police say Fournier, was one of the first two victims in the shooting.

Court documents show Dekraai filed for divorce in 2007.

In May, Fournier claimed in court papers that Dekraai was mentally unstable and had threatened to kill himself or someone else at least once.

Fournier's relatives said Dekraai devoted seemingly unlimited resources to try to take custody away from his ex-wife. He accused her of being an "uncaring, selfish drunk" and later of abusing their son.

"I don't know who that person is that he is describing, but it certainly isn't me," she said in court records.

She, in turn, accused him of "grilling" their son about his mother for so long that it left the child in tears. She also said Dekraai physically and mentally abused her - and was bipolar.

Fournier also wrote in court papers that her ex-husband was "almost manic when it comes to demanding absolute right to control our son and make unilateral decisions."

She told the court that Dekraai had been physically abusive to her during their marriage, and that in 2007 he beat his stepfather, pleaded guilty to assault and battery and underwent a year of anger management.