Rebecca Chandler, 22, and  Raven Larrabee, 20

Rebecca Chandler, 22, and Raven Larrabee, 20

MILWAUKEE -- Police have arrested two young women accused of stabbing a man more than 300 times during a sex fueled satanic ritual.

According to an affidavit accompanying a search warrant, the 18-year-old Arizona man was bleeding from the neck, arms, legs and back when he called police at about 9 p.m. Sunday.

He was taken to a local hospital.

The man told police he met the woman online and took a bus from Phoenix to meet them.

Court documents say once he arrived he was bound and stabbed over two days in the women's apartment.

The search warrant for the apartment authorized officers to seize an assortment of items from the residence, including “knives or other cutting instruments,” blood and DNA evidence, duct tape, restraining devices, and “Books or literature relating to Satanism or the occult.”

Also found, a black folder described as an “Intro to Sigilborne Spirtits,” an apparent reference to “The Sigil-Born,” metaphysical entities that are “occultic practitioners” of necromancy, the purported ability to contact the dead.

Rebecca Chandler, 22, reportedly told police that the cutting was consensual during sex, but quickly got out of hand.

She claimed her roommate, Raven Larrabee, 20, is possibly involved in satanic activities and did most of the cutting.

Both women are in jail.