VAN NUYS - Police are calling it a hip-hop rivalry turned violent.

Investigators say a group of armed men working for one rap producer broke into another rap producer's home on Wyandotte Street early Wednesday morning.

The victim, according to celebrity Web site, is Detail, a producer for Grammy-nominated rapper Akon.

Christopher Walker, who reportedly lives at the home, tells TMZ that five men broke into his home with guns and said they were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge Knight.

They claimed Detail owed Suge money, and then proceeded to collect on the debt.

Walker says Detail was asleep in one of the bedrooms. The men entered the bedroom but did not get Detail out of bed.

Instead, they stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room.

Walker adds they demanded a key to the safe and said they would kill all four people in the house if they didn't get it.

The robbers didn't get the key -- instead, they took the 130 pound safe.

Walker says they also took stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes.

No one was hurt during the incident, police said.