Oxnard Sailor Plucked from Gulf of Mexico

The Coast Guard was alerted to Oxnard man Jim Brown's disabled boat in the Gulf of Mexico. (GETTY IMAGES / March 10, 2011)

OXNARD (KTLA) -- An Oxnard man has been rescued at sea in the Gulf of Mexico, after his boat 'Time Traveller' was disabled in the waters off the Louisiana coast.

According to the Coast Guard reports, 66-year-old Jim Brown was plucked from 10-foot swells Wednesday by a rescue helicopter after his 40-foot sailboat became incapacitated about 125 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Brown told rescuers he had almost given up hope in the choppy waters.

The Coast Guard was alerted to Brown's troubles by a tanker in the Gulf. That ship had attempted to perform their own rescue, by lowering a net for Brown to climb, but high winds prevented them from pulling Brown to safety.