OXNARD, Calif. -- Fire crews on Tuesday morning were working to rescue a bear that ran around a Ventura County neighborhood for hours before climbing a tree at a cemetery and taking a long nap.

The 200-pound bear was partially tranquilized and had at least three darts stuck in its side when it fell asleep about 25-feet up in the tree, wedged in branches.

The bear was reported prowling a neighborhood near Santa Clara Cemetery just after 2 a.m. Tuesday. It was first spotted in the parking lot of a fire station on Vineyard Avenue, then up a tree in a condominium complex.

The bear eventually climbed the cemetery wall and made itself comfortable in the tree for more than two hours with its head and feet dangling the entire time.

Fish and Game officials along with the fire department worked to safely remove the groggy bear using harnesses and a ladder truck.

Crews cut down some branches and, around 9 a.m., carefully lifted the sleeping bear out of the tree.

Fish and Game experts bundled the bear in a tarp, and police say it will be released in Los Padres National Forest.