NORTH HOLLYWOOD -- Police say they have found a woman's body that has been decomposing for a year inside a home that was occupied by 26 cats, three opossums, raccoon and the woman's adult son.

A mortgage broker told police the home was foreclosed at midnight on Monday and expressed concern about the homeowner, 86-year-old Barbara Hunt.

When officers arrived at the house in the 6700 block of Vantage Avenue Tuesday, the woman's 48-year-old son, Robert Hunt, let them inside.

Officers said the home was surrounded by rusty cars and garbage in the yard, which was also unkempt.

Once inside the home, the stench was overpowering and the home was packed with 4-feet of garbage, officials said.

Officers made their way to a back bedroom, where clothes and furniture were piled against the door.

That's where they found the skeletal body, lying on the bed, wearing "old lady clothes," according to Los Angeles police Lt. Alan Hamilton of the North Hollywood Detective Division.

The home was so badly packed with garbage that firefighters had to hoist the body out through a back window, officials said.

Authorities have not yet been able to identify the badly decomposed body, but it's believed it is that of Barbara Hunt.

Police offered mental health services to Robert Hunt, however, they would not say whether he accepted.

His whereabouts were not known early Wednesday.

Neighbors said they recently asked the son how his mother was and he responded by saying, "She's at home. She's doing fine. She has good days and bad."

The coroner's office is working to identify the remains and determine the cause of death.

Police do not suspect foul play but say the case has been forwarded to elder abuse investigators.