HOLLYWOOD -- Private funeral arrangements were pending today for the man known simply as "Mr. Blackwell," who compiled lists of "worst dressed" celebrities for nearly 50 years.

Publicist Harlan Boll says Blackwell died Sunday of complications from an intestinal infection.

He was 86.

Blackwell, who was born Richard Selzer, was a little-known dress designer when he issued his first tongue-in-cheek criticism of Hollywood fashion disasters for 1960 -- long before Joan Rivers and others turned such ridicule into a daily affair.

Year after year, he would take Hollywood's reigning stars and other celebrities to task for failing to dress in what he thought was the way they should.

He once said Taylor reminded him of "the rebirth of the zeppelin," while Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were "two peas in an overexposed pod."

He called Camilla Parker-Bowles "The Duchess of Dowdy," and Queen Elizabeth "her majesty to her travesty."

This year, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham topped his 48th and last annual list.

He was born Richard Sylvan Selzer on Aug. 29, 1922, in Bensonhurst, a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn.

He acted in small roles on Broadway and was in "Dead End," which starred the Dead End Kids.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1937 and was in such movies as "Little Tough Guy" and "Juvenile Court" starring Rita Hayworth, both made in 1938.

While still in his 20s in 1944, he was in another Broadway show, "Catherine Was Great," starring Mae West.

Blackwell wrote in his autobiography that Howard Hughes changed his name to Richard Blackwell when Hughes cast him in "Vendetta." But his scenes never made it into the movie.

He is survived by his business and life partner Robert Spencer, whom he met in 1949.