EAST HAVEN, Conn. -- A Connecticut mayor says she found a desperate plea on Facebook and went under the knife to donate a kidney to an acquaintance.

April Capone-Almon is the mayor of East Haven, Connecticut. She gave an organ to 44-year-old Carlos Sanchez whose kidneys failed because of diabetes.

Capone-Almon has 1,600 "friends" on the social networking site. She knew him casually through activities and friends in the New Haven suburb but they weren't so close that she had heard he was ill.

The mayor ultimately found out at Sanchez's situation on Facebook. He had sent out the request on the site only hesitantly and on his doctor's suggestion. He worried people might pity him and certainly hadn't pinned his hopes on finding a donor that way.

Turns out, he didn't have long to wait. Capone Almon was the first person to respond.

The transplant happened two weeks ago and the mayor returned to work this week.

Capone-Almon says "I still don't have my appetite back and he's just eating everything in sight and that's tremendous." She goes on to say "throughout the whole process, he kept saying even if you decide to not do this, I will be appreciative and understand and that it was very kind."

The democrat adds she shouldn't be put on a pedestal and that everyone should consider being an organ donor. The mayor and the kidney recipient -- who had been about to go on dialysis -- talk on the phone every day.

She says "he calls me his little sister and I'm proud to be. It's just a happy thing, and it's wonderful to see him and his family so happy."

Capone-Almon had been running for second term as mayor at the time but kept the details of her medical plans a secret. She won the election as they awaited word on when she could donate the kidney, saying they grew as close as family during the lull.