HOUSTON, TX -- A case of mistaken identity resulted in a man being thrown through a window at a funeral home.

The funeral was for 33-year old Claude Kibbie who was fatally shot during a robbery.

At one point in the service family members heard a loud crash sound.

"We thought it was gunshots," said Jasmine Davis, one of Kibbie's relatives told local station KCRP.

Turns out, someone thought one of the mourners was the man who killed Kibbie.

The man was then thrown through a glass window, Houston police said.

Several people then started to beat the man, investigators said.

The man managed to get away from the angry crowd and ran.

He was treated at a hospital for numerous cuts.

"We understand that his close friends were angry and everybody wants answers, but this isn't the place for it," Davis said.

Detectives said the man is not a suspect in Kibbie's killing.