DETROIT (KTLA) -- Assisted suicide advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian has died at the age of 83, it was reported Friday.

Kevorkian died at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he had been hospitalized for about two weeks with kidney and heart problems, attorney Mayer Morganroth told the Detroit Free Press.

It's believed Kevorkian suffered a pulmonary thrombosis when a blood clot from his leg broke free and lodged in his heart.

Kevorkian's death was "peaceful," Morganroth told the paper. "He didn't feel a thing."

Kevorkian's niece Ava Janus and Morganroth were with him when he died.

KTLA interviewed Kevorkian last year and asked him if he would consider euthanasia for himself. "Of course," he responded. "It depends on how I die," he added.

Kevorkian said he believed he was born with the right to make the decision to end his own life.

Kevorkian was known as "Dr. Death" and claimed to have assisted in the suicides of 130 terminally-ill patients.

He served eight years for second-degree murder and was released from a Michigan prison in 2007.