Big Birthday Blowout Planned in Anaheim for "Astounding Woman," 108

Juanita Arias, originally from Costa Rica, will celebrate birthday number 108 on June 24th. (PHOTO: ARIAS FAMILY / June 6, 2012)

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KTLA) -- It's one birthday cake that will definitely have its share of candles.

A mega-blowout birthday celebration is being planned in Anaheim, at the Anaheim Health Care Center, for Juanita Arias. That's because on June 24th Juanita will be 108 years old.

Originally from Costa Rica, Juanita moved to Southern California long ago. And today her grace and good spirit serve as an inspiration for all those whose lives she touches.

Karin Spruill, a physical therapist at the Center, says "Juanita is an astounding woman." Spruill says Juanita "always has a smile on her face." Her sight and hearing are fully intact, and Spruill says that though her advanced years have slowed her a bit, she still loves to walk, now with just a little help.

Juanita's family attributes her longevity and peaceful disposition to her growing up in a beautiful place like Costa Rica, and her continued devotion to enjoying long walks.

Happy 108th, Juanita!