SHERMAN OAKS (KTLA) -- A dramatic 911 call has been released in the bizarre freeway crash involving Dodgers first baseman James Loney.

Loney was arrested in November on suspicion of driving under the influence after hitting three cars on the 101 Freeway near the Sepulveda exit.

But Loney's test for drugs and alcohol came back negative, according to the city attorney's office, which said there was "insufficient evidence" to proceed with the case.

Police say it all began around 6 p.m. on Nov. 14, when Loney crashed his Maserati into a Toyota, and then hit two more cars -- a Mercedes and a Mini.

He hit another car when he tried to drive away from the scene, according to police.

In the 911 call, a woman tells the dispatcher, "His eyes were fluttering, but he's non-responsive."

The caller continues, "Now he's awake now," and then she screams, "You can't leave sir!"

"OK, what's going on now?" the dispatcher asks.

"He slammed on the gas and took off, went across all lanes on the freeway... and now he's against the fast lane wall," the caller says.

KTLA spoke exclusively to the woman who called 911.

"I was terrified. It was one of the most scary experiences I've ever been through," Judy Eckerling told KTLA.

"I felt somebody sideswipe me on my driver's side," she said.

"When I watched the car, it continued on, and you could tell that he must have been unconscious... the way he was meandering and hit another car, and then hit the embankment."

Eckerling says she went over to check on Loney. She says the car door was locked, the stereo was on full blast and Loney had ear buds in his ears.

She reached inside the widow and unlocked the door, pulled his ear buds out, and tried to get him to respond.

"He was non-responsive to everything that I tried," Eckerling told KTLA.

Eckerling said she had her head leaned inside the window and was on the phone with 911 when Loney suddenly woke up and started the engine.

"Next thing you know it, he just looked agitated... He starts the engine, slams the gas and just takes off and then flew across all lanes of the freeway, hitting another car and then hitting the wall on the other side."

Eckerling said she did not smell alcohol, but Loney "definitely was not acting normal."

According to the police report, Loney was "restless, unsteady, aggressive and irritable."

Loney "exhibited eyelid tremors and his shirt was soiled and moist from perspiration, from his armpits down to his waistline," the report says.

Police say that, when an officer tried to administer a breathalyzer, Loney bit off the mouthpiece and spit it at him.

Loney was arrested, but never taken to a police station for booking because emergency medical personnel were concerned about his behavior.

He was released to the custody of Sherman Oaks hospital, where he underwent testing to determine if he had a medical problem, authorities said.

"Independent lab analysis re-confirmed that Mr. Loney did not have any unlawful substances or alcohol in his blood," Loney's attorney, Dmitry Gorin, wrote in a statement.

"The traffic accident reports described that Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics quickly responded to the scene and determined that Mr. Loney displayed symptoms consistent with head trauma, including disorientation."

The explanation was similar to the one Loney offered in December to the Dodgers.

The team signed him to a one-year, $6.375-million contract two weeks ago.