When the world of beauty and technology collide amazing products result such as facial hair removal kits that eliminates redness and irritation and a serum that makes hair INSTANTLY thicker! Beauty Expert/Mad Scientist Stacy Cox joined us with new innovations that are geared to improve your appearance and just might change the way you look at your whole beauty regimen.

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1. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo $25 www.olay.com/Facial-Hair-Removal Olay has turned the facial hair removal process on its head creating a two-step depilatory for fine to medium hair w/a pre- treatment to protect skin. What's revolutionary about this is by first applying a skin guarding balm, you eliminate telltale signs of redness and irritation.

2. Nioxin Diamax $50 www.diamaxeffect.com Just launched THIS January, this hair serum increases the diameter of each existing hair strand for a fuller looking head of hair. Diamax's HTX Technology is an Xtrafusion treatment proven to penetrate the hair making it fuller, more manageable & resilient against breakage. It's cosmetics, but for your hair!

3. Stila for E! Live from the Red Carpet™ Solar Lighted Compact with All Over Shimmer Duo $50, Available February 20th at www.StilaCosmetics.com This eco-friendly, solar-powered compact will light up your beauty arsenal…literally. Ensuring you're never left in the dark, the solar panel lasts approximately five years and can be fully charged up to 1,000 times.

4. NYC Cosmetics Blue Lip Gloss $6.00 www.nyxcosmetics.com Enhance your smile with the Lip Gloss Smile Brightener! The sheer lip gloss illuminates your smile with the blue micro-crystal technology granting you a flawless smile. Use bare on your lips or top off your favorite lip product with a touch of the Smile Brightener to enrich your smile for all to see.

5. Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry $65 www.lisahoffmanbeauty.com They captured the beauty of wearing perfume without it ever touching your skin. The fragrance is in the charm and unlike traditional perfumes, you can take it off and put it back on whenever you want. Each bracelet comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm. It's a fresh angle on the bangle!

6. t spheres inner beauty ($30) www.tspheres.com & http://www.blissworld.com/bath-body/shop-by-product-type/treatments/t-spheres-inner-beauty/ & http://www.itssimplyzen.com/t-spheres-s/228.htm Can't fit in any table time with the massage masters at the spa? Knead-it-yourself with this set of massage balls, infused with rose & geranium essential oil for uplifting aromatherapy benefits. You can roll them over your own body, use against a wall, floor or other surface, or have a 'ball' with a partner relieving everything from PMS to poor circulation.

7. LaViv www.mylaviv.com Forget conventional synthetic facial fillers, now you can harvest your own fibroblast cells from a small skin sample behind your own ear. Over 90 days they're cultured at lab, frozen, shipped back to your dermatologist and then injected into your most troublesome wrinkles over the course of 3 treatments making your appearance look refreshed & renewed.

8. Rodial's Crash Diet KIT $125 www.shopnordstrom.com Want to drop a dress size in 10 days? If the phrase 'crash diet' makes you think of surviving solely on cabbage soup for a week, Rodial is about to change that. This all-in-one kit supports weight loss for quicker results thanks to a simple 3-step regimen of body gel & beverages.

9. Biomedical Research Tummy Lift EMS $200 www.blissworld.com We're totally 'charged' about this garment/gadget hybrid, which gives slouchy stomachs a lift with patented EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. It sends gentle signals to your abdominal muscles, giving them a workout by causing rhythmic contract-and-release action. Helps firm and flatten stomach and deliver stronger, more toned abs.