Gayle Anderson was live with the Southern California Sidecar Club: Perseverance Through Triangulation. The Southern California Sidecar Club is preparing for another one of their long distance rides with the United Sidecar Association, Thursday, June 25th through Sunday, June 28th. It's their 31st annual USA rally in Lake Tahoe, California. The last time the rally was held at Lake Tahoe was in 1983. The entire Eagles Nest Group Campsite Area (which will accommodate approximately 500) and some of the RV Village, have been reserved at historic Camp Richardson Resort and Marina. There's a Sunday morning Continental Breakfast, Show and Shine Show, Sidecar Games, Seminars (including "Coach" Ramey Stroud), Bakker-Ryan world speed record sidecar rig (187 mph at Bonneville), Tours and wonderful sight-seeing! For extensive details, go to the following website:

For more information, contact:

Southern California Sidecar Club

(310) 216-2772

Gayle was live at the sidecab club's favorite hangout, THE ROCK STORE!

For more information, contact:

The Rock Store

30354 Mulholland Highway

Cornell, California 91301 (just east of Malibu in Los Angeles)

Store Phone Number 818-889-1311

Office Phone Number 805-375-7432

E-mail address: