Gayle Anderson was live in Tustin with Bike Nation, the only southern California based bike share company for Bike-To-Work-Week.
Biking is a major topic this month since May is NATIONAL BIKE MONTH accord League of American Bicyclists. The League began as the League of American Wheelmen (LAW) in 1880. Newport, R.I. was the location of our founding meeting and was responsible for defending the rights of cyclists from its start. The League of American Wheelmen is credited with getting paved roads in this country before the reign of the automobile. By 1898, the League of American Wheelmen had more than 102,000 members including the Wright Brothers, Diamond Jim Brady, and John D Rockefeller! The League has had its ups and downs --- it actually ceased to exist on two occasions, but was resurrected each time. Since its most recent revival in 1965, the League (renamed the League of American Bicyclists in 1994) has focused its programs on education in addition to advocacy. The League's Bicycle Friendly Community program recognizes communities nationwide that support the five E's of bicycling -- education, enforcement, engineering, evaluation and encouragement. The League's BikeEd program offers the only nationwide instructor certification program. More than 200 new League Cycling Instructors (LCI) were certified in 2005. The League's BikeEd program teaches riders to feel comfortable riding on the road, in addition to bike fit and maintenance.
The League proclaims National Bike Month each May and offers information and "how to" kits on planning events for Bike to Work week and/or day. The League's magazine, American Bicyclist, and website offer information on clubs, rides, classes, as well as fact sheets on topics like group riding, why to ride on the right, how drivers should share the road with bicycles, and many other timely subjects.
The League's 1997 move to Washington, D.C., facilitated working with the government. In 2010, the tenth annual Bike Summit will be held with more than 700 participants. Bicycle advocates, industry executives, and educators use the Summit as a chance to meet with elected officials about supporting legislation to help bicycling, and to network with each other. Attendees from Texas have convinced Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to co-chair the new Senate Bike Caucus!
Other legislation on which the League has worked recently include a "Conserve by Bike" amendment to the energy bill and the Bike Commuter Act that would extend the transportation fringe benefit in the tax code to bicycle commuters. The League has advised the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on rumble strip design and is working to reduce fees charged to bring bikes on domestic flights. The League offers members a quarterly magazine and discounts on travel arrangements and at bike shops, and a subscription to Bicycling magazine! Member clubs receive promotion of their events and the opportunity for insurance coverage.
The League is working to make this country better for bicycling. Lance Armstrong has said, "I am proud to be a member of the League of American Bicyclists.... the more that people are biking, the more influence cyclists will have on improving conditions, and the more likely there will be other American Tour de France champions."

The League of American Bicyclists declares Friday, May 18th is National Bike-to-Work Day, an annual event held Local, regional, and national bicycle advocacy groups participate to encourage people to commute to work using a bicycle. There are even pit stops along some bicycle routes that provide cyclists with snacks and drinks!
Leading to Bike to Work Day, there's Bike-to-Work Week, again, designated by the League of American Bicylists. Bike-to-Work-Week is May 14th through May 18th, 2012. Join thousands of other Americans today for the Annual Bike to Work Week. Whether you are environmentally conscious or just love the exercise, biking to work is a great way to avoid the commuter traffic and stay in shape!
To join the League or for any questions, call 202-822-1333
or write

Bike Nation is one of the local Bike-to-Work Week, Day, and Month participants. Bike Nation, the only Southern California-based bike share company, planning to install 400 kiosks with a total of 4,000 bikes throughout the City of Los Angeles, with the first kiosks expected to be in operation during the fourth quarter of 2012.
"Bike share programs have proven successful in urban areas around the world and in major cities in the United States," stated Navin Narang, Founder, Bike Nation. "We are excited to work with the City of Los Angeles to implement this demonstration project and provide healthy, low-cost transit options and connectivity between transit connections, business centers and regional destinations."
The bicycle sharing demonstration will be a service in which bicycles are made available for public use and are checked-out and returned to self service kiosks. The usage fees for the bicycle share system are incentivized for turnover and trips of less than 30 minutes in duration. Bike Nation will create a system that is safe, efficient and dependable and will provide well-trained, supervised staff and maintenance crew to operate the system.
"In addition to this added connectivity, this bike sharing demonstration project will be located where people live, work and visit, helping reduce the carbon footprint and promoting a healthy alternative for Los Angeles area residents and commuters," said Narang. "Bike Nation has always made manufacturing and assembling our product in the United States one of our top priorities, with the bike assembly plant located in the City of Los Angeles."
This initial launch in Los Angeles is a private venture investment of over sixteen million dollars by Bike Nation, with no public funds being provided by the city. Bike Nation will incur the installation costs and on-going maintenance expenses for these stations. Bike Nation intends to grow this system as demand increases over the next ten years.
Bike Nation was established in 2010 when the opportunity arose to develop a new green form of transportation that would include the combination of a bike share system with a sponsorship and advertising element. This idea was conceived from a request for Media Nation, and it's Outdoor Bike Banner Division, to participate in the FTA "Mobility Hub" project for Los Angeles, Hollywood and Long Beach. This request was based on Media Nation's long history of nationwide logistical and operational expertise with outdoor media programs such as with their bike billboard programs, and with their long ties to major corporations such as AEG and Verizon to name a few. Today, Bike Nation operates in partnership with its sister company Media Nation Enterprises, LLC and is part of a family of companies owned by First Pacific Holdings.
Bike Nation is the only bike share company that is focused on developing, managing and operating large-scale bike share systems for municipalities worldwide. The Bike Nation systems are made up of equipment that is designed, manufactured and assembled in the Southern California. In addition, every member of Bike Nations' executive team are lifelong Southern California residents and have chosen to partner with several manufacturer and service partners, all of whom are also based in Southern California.

Bike Nation, LLC is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation established in 2010. Mr. Navin Narang is the company founder, and Bradley M. Barlow, is a co-founder. Bike Nation's has offices in Tustin and Los Angeles, California.

Bike Nation's Bike Rental Stations