NORFOLK, Mass. -- A cat found frozen in the snow has made a miraculous recovery.

Annie, a 13-year-old tuxedo cat, disappeared during snowstorm in early December on the day her family was moving.

Five weeks later there was still no sign of the cat and her family feared the worst.

They put up missing pet fliers and contacted Animal Control for help.

And this past weekend, their prayers were answered.

A report came into animal control about a cat rescued from a snow bank.

"Basically, when I picked her up, she had no signs of life. She was stiff, she was unconscious, cold to the touch and not responding to anything," said Hilary Cohen, a Norfolk Animal Control officer.

It had a good heart rate, but was in a comatose state, she said.

The 3.5 pound feline was dehydrated, undernourished and suffering from frostbite.

But after a few hours of heat, an intravenous line for fluids, blood tests, blood sugar monitoring and steroids administered by the staff at Acorn Animal Hospital, the frosty feline emerged from the coma.

Despite the ordeal, Annie is expected to make a full recovery.