FULLERTON -- Famous Los Angeles-based hop-hop record label 'Death Row' auctioned off all of its tangible personal property in Los Angeles Sunday, in accordance a U.S. Bankruptcy Court ruling.

Numerous piece of hip-hop history -- including the actual Death Row Records electric chair -- went up on the auction block.

Other items put up for sale included: Suge Knight's cigars and engraved cases, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre's 'Source Awards,' Tupac Shakur collectibles, framed gold and platinum records, MTV Awards, and 300,000 wrapped CDs. Additionally, fitness equipment owned by the label and Louis Vuitton, Versace and Cartier items were auctioned off.

In 2006, Death Row, previously owned by Marion 'Suge' Knight, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Variety magazine reported that Wide Awake Entertainment bought Death Row Records for $18 million during an auction in Los Angeles last Thursday.

Last July, Global Music had agreed to buy Death Row for $24 million, but financing fell through on that deal.