LOS ANGELES -- Police now say a cyclist injured while riding in Downtown Los Angeles was not the victim of a road rage hit and run.

In fact, according to the LAPD, Susanna Schick simply "fell down on her bicycle."

Friend and fellow cyclist, Jennifer Beatty, says Schick was riding down Spring Street about 11:30 p.m. when a driver swerved across two lanes of traffic and into the bike lane.

She says the driver and Schick "exchanged words" according to Beatty, and once the traffic signal changed, the car continued to follow Schick down Spring.

Beatty says the driver struck Schick just past Fourth Street, which is where the cyclist next remembers regaining consciousness while face-down on the pavement.

But two police officers who witnessed the incident report seeing Schick continue on her bicycle for another block or two until the car turned right and she wobbled and fell over, tumbling off the bike.

The same officers called an ambulance and later returned Schick's bike to her house.

Schick's injuries are not in dispute.

She suffered a broken collarbone, six broken ribs and three breaks in her pelvis.