LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- The use of medical imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs has increased in recent years, leading to concerns about the risks of exposure to radiation.

The number of CT scans ordered per 1,000 patients nearly tripled between 1996 and 2010, according a study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association and cited by the Los Angeles Times.

The rate of MRI use nearly quadrupled, the study said.

This means that patients are more exposed to radiation than before.

The proportion of patients who had exposure to radiation increased to 36.2 percent in 2010 from 28.5 percent in 1996, the Times reported.

Some doctors, however, say the concerns about radiation is exaggerated.

Dr. William Van Dalsem, director of the Department of Radiology at Hoag Hospital, said fewer patients to have appendices removed needlessly thanks to medical imaging.

"Doctors realized that imaging was very beneficial," Van Dalsem said.