Mary Bowers is the ONLY Southern California contestant to qualify for the world-famous July 4thNathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest (and one of the few women in the sport). She ate 9.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes to secure the Wild Card slot.  Mary is actively involved in nutrition education and hunger relief efforts throughout Southern California. She has made numerous media appearances on the behalf of charitable organizations to raise funds and awareness for hunger-related causes. She is currently a mentor for teen girls who are living in foster care.

Mary recently started a business – EatBeMary! Through her unique blend of creative vision and strategic management skills, she is inspiring people to explore classic cooking and cutting edge clothing combinations.

The 97th annual Nathan’s Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest women's division airs on ESPN3 on July 4th at 11:30 am ET, followed by the men's division at noon. The men's division will be televised on ESPN (main station) again at @3 p.m. ET, with highlights from the women's contest following Wimbledon.