LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- L.A. County District Attorney's prosecutors are investigating a member of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission after group members learned he was a paid consultant for an event firm responsible for putting on events at the Coliseum.

Todd DeStefano, a longtime assistant general manager for events, came under fire Wednesday after it was revealed that he went to work for Insomniac, Inc., while still serving on the commission, which violates state conflict of interest laws. There are also claims that DeStefano was given permission to work for Insomniac, which produces the Electric Daisy Carnival, for two months by Coliseum commission general manager Patrick Lynch.

The carnival is at the center of a decision being made by the commission on whether to allow large scale music events such as raves to use the Coliseum. In 2009, Sasha Rodriguez, 15, died of a drug overdose at the controversial event. Two hundred others were injured, hundreds hospitalized for overdoses as security guards were overcome by the size of the event.

He quit the commission's staff in January to become an events promoter, months after the group had already begun to question the safety of these all-age festivals, which are known to have lax security and an endless stream of booze and drugs.

Despite public outcry, a majority of the commission is in favor of allowing the events to continue, citing a major loss of jobs and revenue stream to the area should a ban be put into effect.