NEWPORT BEACH - Police are searching for a woman who received nearly $2,000 worth of cosmetic injections without paying for them.

The 50-something woman, known only as Miriam, used different last names at two local clinics when she got the wrinkle-smoothing injections Jan. 6 and Feb. 23.

As Miriam Flemings, the woman racked up a bill of $1,023 with Dr. Jon Grazer, 400 Newport Center Drive, and got three injections of Juvederm and one of Botox.

Police say the woman pulled the same stunt on Feb. 23 when she had $850 worth of Botox at Nulooks Med Spa, 1617 W. Cliff Drive, using the name Miriam Gombar.

In both cases the 5-foot-6-inch woman stepped outside, saying she needed to make a telephone call and left, Newport Beach police Sgt. Evan Sailor said.

So far, police have not determined the woman's real name.

She didn't let doctors at either clinic take before and after photos, and police have been unable to find any surveillance video that contains images of the woman.

However, both offices gave similar descriptions: a woman in her late 40s to early 50s with a medium dark complexion and dark, shoulder-length hair.

She spoke with a faint accent, Grazer said, and claimed to be of Turkish and French descent.

The second clinic said she had a long face and appeared to be Italian or Mediterranean with a dark spray-on tan.

Grazer's office gave police syringes and gauze padding for DNA testing, Sailor said.