NORTH HILLS -- A security guard to the stars is being called a hero after he came to the rescue of a young boy when someone tried to steal his bike.

It happened earlier this month in a North Hills neighborhood. A man named "Khristian" says surveillance cameras outside his family's home captured the whole thing on tape.

"You always see bad things happen to people and you never see anyone trying to stop the guy to help," Khristian said. But, this time was different.

In the video, you can see a man, wearing a red shirt, jumping out of a car, tackling the thief who then ran away.

That good samaritan, identified as 26 year old Zabi Kator, says he barely remembers what happened. Kator saw the video of the incident for the first time when KTLA showed it to him Wednesday night.

"I saw the guy struggling with him for a few seconds. I said that doesn't look right so I jumped out of the car and just tackled him," Kator told KTLA. "I deal with lots of celebrities and seeing something like this -- you just act instinctively," Kator said.

Zabi says his instincts come from playing high school football at Crespi in Encino. While attending UCLA, he began working security. Four years out of college, he still works security, but now for celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson.

Zabi says he doesn't feel like a hero. He was just doing what he knew was right.