KNIGHTDALE, NC -- A North Carolina sheriff's deputy was held hostage for three hours in his patrol car Tuesday by a swarm of bees.

Wake County Master Deputy Brandon Jenkins was responding to calls of a person possibly being attacked by bees.

He found a truck carrying 60 boxes of honeybees. At least one of the boxes broke open, and the bees started swarming Jenkins who took cover in his patrol car.

Nearly 50,000 bees covered his vehicle and stayed there for three hours while authorities tried to figure out how to get rid of the insects.

At one point, Jenkins was advised to drive his patrol car to try and shake the bees off, but that didn't work.

Beekeepers smoked the bees and sprayed them with sugar water which makes it harder for them to fly. The sticky mix makes the bees concentrate on grooming themselves rather than attacking humans.

While the bees were not an aggressive variety, Jenkins did admit to killing the few that made it inside his car.

"It's more or less self defence this time," said Jenkins.

Eventually, the beekeepers brushed the bees onto a piece of plastic and then into a hive box.