AZUSA, Calif. -- Firefighters on Monday worked to rescue an elderly man from a car that plunged some 100 feet down an embankment in the Angeles National Forest, leaving him trapped with no food or water for nearly 24 hours.

The crash scene was spotted around 8:00 a.m. at mile marker 21 on San Gabriel Canyon Road, or SR39, in the Azusa area, Inspector Frederick Stowers of the Los Angeles County Fire Department told KTLA.

The area is uphill from the waters of the San Gabriel Reservoir.

Phillip Maxwell, 74, of Monrovia, told rescue crews that his Subaru went over the cliff around 10:30 a.m. Sunday while on his way to a nearby shooting range.

He spent the night trapped inside the vehicle without his anti-seizure medication, food or water. Luckily, temperatures in the area were not very cold overnight.

Rescue crews spotted Maxwell Monday morning, waving a white object from the window of his wrecked vehicle.

Soon after, they were lowered to the ground from a sheriff's helicopter because of the steep terrain.

Urban search and rescue crews worked for nearly an hour to free Maxwell.

He was eventually hoisted into the sheriff's helicopter and taken to nearby Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Authorities say he suffered a broken wrist and an injured ankle but was otherwise OK.

A similar crash in the same area a few months ago proved deadly when a car tumbled all the way into the reservoir below.