The debate continues on where to place the homeless this winter. The City Council decided to revisit the topic next week. There are two proposed locations which will house the 220 bed shelter, including the site located on F and 13th street in the East Village. It's slated for a future park but businesses and residents are reluctant to have a shelter nearby.

"I don't want work people are constantly urinating on the street everyday," said Michael Ball, a downtown resident.

The other proposed site is located at Tailgate Park, next to Petco Park. Officials say a few years ago this is where the winter shelter was set up. Alpha Project President and CEO, Bob McElroy is pushing for the tailgate location but is worried the decision is taking too long.

"It's frustrating," said McElroy. "It takes a long time to set up the shelter. The clock is ticking down, we need to get the people in before Thanksgiving. I believe Tailgate Park is the best location. It's convenient and close to everything."

Last year it took city leaders a month to make a decision on the winter shelter. Once the shelter is up and running, officials say it will stay until early April.